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The right to cancel an order

You may cancel your declaration of contract within two weeks without stating any reason, in the form of a text (e.g. by letter, e-mail) or – if the item is sent to you before the period expires – by returning the item. The period begins on reception of these instructions in form of a text, but not before the goods reaches the recipient (in cases of repeated delivery of the same goods, not before receipt of the first delivery). To adhere to the cancellation period, it suffices to send the cancellation notice or the item in good time.

The cancellation has to be addressed to

Saba Moda

Saba Woldab

Burgstraße 134

60389 Frankfurt am Main



Consequences of cancellation

If cancellation is effective, both parties must return any received benefits and give back any advantages obtained (e.g. interest). In case that you cannot return the received benefit, either wholly or partly, or only can do so in impaired condition, you must refund us any loss of value to this extent. In cases where items are handed over for use, this does not apply if the impairment of the item is exclusively attributable to testing – as would have been possible for you in a real shop. For one by the designated putting into use of the thing resulted deterioration you must pay no value compensation.


Items that can be sent as packages are to be sent back at our risk. You must bear the cost of returning the item if the delivered goods correspond to what was ordered and if the price of the returned item does not exceed the sum of EUR 40, or if you, with a higher price of the item at the time of cancellation, have not yet paid consideration or made a contractually agreed partial payment. Otherwise the return is free of charge for you. Items which cannot be sent as packages will be collected. Obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled within thirty days. This period commences for you on sending your declaration of cancellation or the item. For us it commences upon receiving it.

In the case of a service, the right to cancel expires prematurely if the other contracting party has commenced with the performance of the service with your express consent before the end of the cancellation period or you have ordered this.

End of instructions on cancellation.